Dalina Rebollo deals with what's real. Based in Los Angeles, the celebrity hairstylist may be working in a city where the sky is the limit but for her clients Dalina's passion is to give them a signature look that works for them, that's attainable, that gives them their own iconoclasm. She wants to achieve what a celebrity glam team can from behind her chair in a way that's accessible to everyone. Dalina found herself working in the music industry, inventing Ariana Grande's ponytail, and Grace Potter's bangs. But after several years on the road, touring with Grande, she wanted to get back to her client base on a day-to-day basis and opened up her own studio in Hollywood in 2019. Dalina's focus is razor sharp on the safety and comfort of her clients in the confines of her warm, creative space. Dalina's journey into hair was almost accidental. She intended to become a doctor like her father, but wound up taking hair on as more than a hobby. She fell in love with it. It was much to the chagrin of her Mexican family, who didn't understand why she wanted to be in the beauty industry. But Dalina felt an overwhelming responsibility to help paint the picture her clients wanted to see, regardless of the prejudices imbued in her cultural upbringing. Nurturing trust with her clients is everything to her, and Dalina is able to create it because of the foundations that were instilled in her. Since opening her own salon, she's given herself the opportunity to continue to learn, but most importantly to trust herself as much as her clients trust her.

-Eve Barlow




6316 N. Topanga Cyn Blvd.

Suite 616

Woodland Hills, CA. 91367


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